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Amphibious Dredger Experts--Dredgeman heavy industry CO., LTD

 The multifunctional amphibious dredger is an all-steel welded structure, split-body, self-propelled, rivers, lakes, canals, reservoirs, paddy fields, landscape waters, urban rivers, depressions, ponds, tailings A versatile, multi-functional amphibious dredger designed for various water conservancy projects such as reservoirs, river glaciers and floods.
Multifunctional amphibious dredging is an excellent municipal dredging and dredging machinery and equipment. It can be used for dredging dredging in water areas, dredging for construction companies, etc.
     Application area:
     --- Dredging, Dredging, Dredging, and Expansion of Watercourses, Lakes, Reservoirs, Canals, and Piers
     --- Salvage and removal of aquatic plants.
     ---Flood Management
     ---Building and Reinforcing Bank Banks
     ---Other construction of water environment
     --- Maintenance, repair and dredging dredging of tailing pond
     ---Pipe, cable laying, etc.
     ---Drainage of river glaciers
   --- Dredging and dredging of bridges and culverts, tunnel culverts, etc.
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