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Application principle of cutter suction dredger

Application principle of cutter suction dredger

 The front-end bridge of the grain suction dredger is placed below the water surface. Through the rotation of the reamer at the foremost end of the bridge, the underwater mud surface is loosened, and the suction sucked by the mud pump extracts the sediment from the water and blows it to a designated area of a thousand meters or even tens of thousands meters away. The dual purpose of reaching the dredging channel and reclamation.
  The above is the application and principle of grain suction dredgers. We hope we can understand them.
The basic working principle of the grain suction dredger is that a certain vacuum occurs through the effect of the centrifugal mud pump on the ship, and the slurry obtained by the excavation is sucked in, pumped out, and then discharged through a mud pipeline on the ship. Its features are:
1. At the inlet end of the suction pipe, the equipment has a rotary special reamer equipment.
2. The stern equipment is equipped with positioning rigid piles and steel pile lifting and landing equipment, which is used for hull positioning, traverse swing and longitudinal forward movement in dredging operations.
3. The mud pumped out by the mud pump passes through the mud discharging pipeline on the ship and the bent pipe at the stern of the vessel is connected with the mud draining line in the designated mud discharge area to reach the intention of river dredging and reclamation.

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