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Bad construction environment affects dredger

Bad construction environment affects dredger

 Impact of wind and river obstacles on reamers and bearing boxes and their methods:
  Cutter suction dredgers in the construction environment with turbulent winds and surges form simple fluctuations in the ship. When the reamer is in hard soil conditions, the hydraulic pressure of the reamer is not stable, and even a reamer can be blocked. The reamer head is subjected to unbalanced percussive force, which not only damages the reamer blade and the back of the blade, but also may cause the fixing bolt of the reamer bearing box floating seal ring assembly to crack, forming the floating seal O-ring extrusion.
Construction team response measures: 1, if necessary, stop the construction. 2. A hydraulic compensator is installed on the bridge to prevent waves. 3, control the depth of dredging. 4. Add anti-blocking hydraulic system procedures.
  Due to the different construction environments faced by dredgers, some soils are soft and some soils are hard. Bad soil quality also has a great impact on mud pumps. Different soil qualities have different amounts of wear on the mud pump. The wear of the mud pump is proportional to the proportion of sediment particles, which is related to the hardness of the soil. The inner wall of the mud pump casing is impacted and flushed by the sand flow thrown by the impeller. There are two kinds of wear modes, one is abrasive erosion wear, the other is stress wear caused by impact. These poor soil conditions seriously affect the life of the mud pump.
The construction forces responded to the following measures: 1. Burning and wear-resistant welding of mud pump, mesh welding to add application time; 2. Use of high-chromium cast iron mud pump.
  The construction environment faced by each dredger construction team is very different, and some harsh environments will affect the dredger's hull and reamer, affecting the service life. Therefore, we understand clearly before construction. Construction environment. To ensure the normal operation of dredgers without damaging dredger equipment.

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