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Basic operating requirements of a dredger

Basic operating requirements of a dredger


1, during construction, we should regularly measure the location of equipment, grasp the lateral movement characteristics of dredging equipment, select the reasonable width and make the width of the trenching satisfied with the planning requirements. The riverbed boundary line (surface line) should be straight and super wide. Super wide should not jeopardize the safety of embankments, existing revetments and shore buildings.

2, set the water level gauge according to the standard accuracy, often calibrate the indicating ruler and adjust the lowering depth of the cutter and mud bucket, so that the river bottom height of excavation is in accordance with the plan. Both under and over depth should be within the scope of the promise. We should strictly control the depth of the 1 feet / 4 bottom width of the bottom line at the bottom of the river (not greater than 10M), which should not affect the stability of the bank slope.

3, river slope should choose ladder excavation, and grasp the principle of over up, under and over balance, so that the super and undersize area ratio will be controlled between 1 and 1.5.

4, when the slope above the surface has trimming requirements, it is advisable to choose artificial or mechanical dressing after underwater excavation, so as to keep the slope smooth and conform to the plan. The estuary line should be regular and straight, and the surface line should be straight.

5, dredging the severe tidal river and the river crossing the vast area of the lake will be formulated according to the planning requirements and functions of dredging equipment.

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