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Can small suction cutters adopt a monolithic structure?

Can small suction cutters adopt a monolithic structure?

 It is enough to adopt the monolithic structure. The structure of the suction cutter and the single ship is simple, and the hull can be used for more than 20 days. The single ship type is more convenient in the transportation and installation, and the transportation can be directly passed by the car logistics company without being disassembled. The delivery and small-sized cutter-and-suction vessel facilities are also convenient. After arriving at the customer's local site, the small-sized cutter-and-sucking ship is unloaded. After a brief assembly operation, the small-sized cutter-and-sucking ship can be launched into the water test machine. The same as the split body, it also relies on the reamer rolling to agitate the mud at the bottom of the river, so that the mud mixes with the water to form a certain share. The mud pump of the cutter suction boat then extracts the material mixed with the water into the pump and discharges it to the shore through the pipeline. To go, our company specializes in producing cutter suction vessels, demand equipment welcome to inquire: 18761149966

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