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Clarification of the management of cutter suction dredgers

Clarification of the management of cutter suction dredgers

 (1) Strengthen data processing. Based on the quantitative data, it is the basis for the completion of the precision of the cutter suction dredger. It is necessary to establish a standardized daily production site data report and feedback criteria, and to strengthen the timely communication between the production department and the production planning department. After continuous accumulation, a systematic, sound and accurate planning, production, and processing data system will be gradually established.
 (2) Strengthen project management. It is necessary to combine enterprise practice, establish and improve the project management system, expand the coverage of the program, draw up feasible standards for handling, and promote the standardization and standardization of the program. It is necessary to base the data on the standard basis to make full use of computer-aided processing tools, and to improve the precision and level of control.
 (3) Promote the composite technology system. According to the production process of the cutter suction dredger, the work station shall be assigned a work station, the work station shall be designated according to the technical requirements of the station, and the equipment shall be prepared. The advanced technical work arrangement shall be used in place of the traditional work-type work arrangement. Perfect and efficient labor arrangement system.
 (4) Implement a load balancing plan. After quantitative measurement, quantitative balance analysis of production capacity and production tasks is conducted to determine the optimal number of equipment required to produce the desired production tasks, and to obtain the maximum output with the minimum investment.
 (5) Eliminate dross as much as possible. It is necessary to actively develop utility cost analysis, eliminate redundant functions in planning, analyze the process with precision shipbuilding concepts, reduce various non-value added activities in the production process, and maximize production efficiency and reduce the production of cutter suction dredgers. capital

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