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Comparison between cutter suction dredger and trailing suction dredger

Comparison between cutter suction dredger and trailing suction dredger

 Cutter suction dredgers are widely used in ports, dredging and dredging projects. Cutter suction dredgers generally have a smaller interval from dredging to dredging than dredging dredgers. The biggest advantage of using a cutter suction dredger is the ability to obtain accurate excavation summaries.
        Cutter suction dredgers are ideally suited for excavating various types of soil, which of course depends on the cutting power of the equipment. Cutter suction dredgers have a wide range of types and scales. The power of reamer head can be as low as 20 KW and the maximum can be as much as 4000 KW. However, the dredging depth is generally limited. The maximum dredging depth is 25-30 m. The minimum dredging depth generally depends on the draft depth of the hull (flat-bottomed boat).
        Cutter suction dredgers are static dredgers. There are at least two anchor cable systems that are important to the excavation process. However, the anchor cable has brought obstacles to the flight of other ships. Some large-scale cutter suction dredgers are equipped with a thruster system to reduce the risk of being “caught”; the propeller system can be used to assist the cutter suction dredger from leaving the excavation area, and of course, it can also assist the cutter suction dredging. The ship moves from one operating point to another.
        Small and medium size cutter suction dredgers can be made detachable. This method is more suitable for transportation from roads to inland areas and water-free roads, such as laying sand layers for roads, excavating sand and gravel for construction companies.
        Cutter suction dredgers equipped with wave compensators can be constructed in open, open waters. Their limitations compared to trailing suction hopper dredgers are clear.

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