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Comparison of Dredgers and Dredging Technologies at Home and Abroad (1)

 Skill Ideas and Planning Concept
(I) Comparison of the primary function parameters
The author selects two types of mature ships at home and abroad to compare the installed power, ship weight, overall dimensions, digging depth, and draft functional parameters. Comparing the skills of domestic and foreign dredgers, we can see the distances and advances of the functional parameters of ships at the same level at home and abroad. The functional parameters of the new ships of Bai-Ship Engineering have approached the level of functional parameters of ships at the same level. It should be clarified that domestic ship types often require accommodation conditions on dredgers, while foreign ships generally only consider handling operations.
(B) Comparative Analysis of the Primary Skills
1. Skill Ideas and Planning Concept
In the planning and creation of dredgers, there are two main skills and planning concepts.
(1) Equipped with high power and heavy structure in order to obtain strong capacity and high output value;
(2) After the research and mastery of the actual dredging process and technical characteristics, the dredger planning is improved, and dredging and transportation are carried out in an energy efficient manner.
In comparison, the second skill idea is more in line with the direction of modern industrial and construction skills, and should be used as the primary thought and concept for developing dredging planning skills in China. On the premise of ensuring construction quality, the maximum output value is achieved with less power consumption.
2. System master plan level and key components
Good dredging ships should have good overall planning. Good overall planning is based on good components, especially the key components. The good function of dredging vessels must be achieved through systematic planning based on good components. Functional quality ensures that the two depend on each other and interact with each other. At present, the domestic components, especially the key components, have been developed rapidly, and the level of the system and overall planning needs to be advanced.Please call for details: 18761149966

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