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Comparison of Dredgers and Dredging Technologies at Home and Abroad (2)

 3. User type, applicability, standardization and serialization
Dredgers are non-standard equipments, which are applicable, user-type, general-purpose and special-purpose. According to national conditions, development and research and establishment of different applicable equipment and corresponding construction application skills, together with standardization and serialization work according to project requirements. It is necessary to advance the skill level of China's shipbuilding industry, dredge construction skills, and dredging construction equipment.
4. Automation and intelligent monitoring show control system
Automation and intelligent monitoring Manipulation skills are the sign of the important direction and skill level of dredging skills development, and also an important guarantee for the construction quality of dredgers. The theory of clear water dredging, the theory of bright soil quality and the principle of specific energy cutting are useful in recent years, automation. Although smart monitoring has emerged as a manipulative skill at home, although it is late, it has advanced rapidly and has been used successfully in some types of ships. It should be an important development direction.
5. Industrial level and scientific research are different
Dredgers have a high level of skills and have touched many industrial levels. Domestic related industries have developed rapidly and their level is not low. Many industrial skills are systematically applied on dredgers, and they are rapidly developed in accordance with national conditions, high starting points, and innovative development. China's dredging ships and dredging construction skills are actually necessary, with mature conditions and a wide prospect.

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