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Cutter suction dredger advantages

Cutter suction dredger advantages

 Here are some advantages of cutter suction dredgers:
  1. The cutter suction dredger is economical. Excavation and transportation of materials can be completed at one time, without the need for cooperation and repeated transfer of other vessels. The relative engineering cost is lower.
 2. The cutter suction dredger has high operating efficiency, large output value, and long pump distance. The large-scale cutter suction dredgers can reach thousands of cubic meters per hour; the silt or crushed rock can be pumped out of the kilometer by the strong power through the mud pump and the sludge discharging pipeline.
 3, cutter suction dredger operation is simple and easy to control. The cutter suction dredger relies on the stern trolley of the ship to position and step the steel piles, and uses the calibrating arm brace to measure the steel cable and the anchor fixed in the grooving groove, and relies on the traction of the hinged vehicle to swing and cut the sediment in the hatchback. The material is operated under a certain control swing angle, and the wrung material is pumped to the stacking field through the mud pipe. The stepping of the dredging vessel is alternated by two piles, striding forward.
 4. The large-sized cutter suction dredger has a self-propelled system and can be self-propelled when it moves. Most small and medium-sized dredgers are not self-propelled and are towed by tugboats. Small and medium-sized dredgers can be planned and built to be assembled, transported by land to the site, and can be used after being assembled.

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