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Cutter suction dredger dredging requirements

Cutter suction dredger dredging requirements

 The cutter suction dredger is a special ship developed for dredging, sand extraction and dredging projects. It is equipped with a cutter beforehand to ensure dredging concentration and long distance transportation. During the useful operation time, the dredged river effluent has a high sediment content. . We will customize different dredgers according to the requirements of our customers. The cutter suction dredger is a kind of ship that is now widely used in the dredging project. It is equipped with a rotating reamer device around the suction pipe at the front end of the suction pipe to cut and agitate the sediment in the river and suck it again. The mud pipe transports the stranded silt material to the silt material accumulation field with its strong pumping force. Its dredging, mud transport, and mud disposal operations can be completed one after another. It is a highly efficient method. The lower cost dredger is an outstanding underwater excavation machine.
    Here are the requirements for the dredging method of cutter suction dredger:
1. The width of the opening of the river, its depth and its changing rules;
2. The height of the river and the length of the slope;
3. River channel and sediment properties and soil hardness;
4. Coastal trees and buildings scattered;
5. Bridge height, scale and requirements for passing through the river;
6. Adjacent to the presence or absence of mud-rejection sites, the requirements for mud concentration and the sludge treatment methods;
7. Shore access, mechanical operation methods, locations, and requirements for machinery revenue and expenditure;
8.Ensure the conditions of power, energy and logistic repairs;
9.Whether the river is busy or not, and whether it is allowed to sail off;
10. Construction season and weather conditions.

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