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Cutter suction dredger maintenance and cycle

 Cutter suction dredgers do a good job in pre-repairing the project can not only prevent problems, but also save repair time, which is conducive to improving the utilization rate and economic benefits of dredgers. However, its superiority is closely related to the selection of repairing practices. The more traditional selection principle is based on the effective application time of dredger machinery. When dredger machinery arrives at the time limit for its use, it will Prevent repairs. Therefore, determining the repair cycle becomes the primary issue.
     1. Variety of repair operations
  According to the operating life of dredger equipment, the amount of corrections, and the duration of construction, repairs are traditionally classified into three categories: minor repairs, intermediate repairs, and overhauls.
     (1) minor repairs
  The dredging equipment machinery and equipment minor repairs are from the protection to the initial stage of repair, according to the records of the equipment defects found in the daily inspections of the tour inspection, and draw up minor repair plans for some problems that cannot be handled during the shift. The repair project includes defects that can be corrected at the time of minor repairs, replacement of parts, grease, adjustment of clearance, etc. In addition, some more complicated inspection items should also be included. The number of minor repairs is relatively frequent. Every month's minor repair time can be flexibly used, not to exceed the original minor repair plan, for example, the original scheduled monthly minor repairs three times, the total repair time 32h, such as within a month of organization each time 8h minor repair twice, 16h The minor repairs once, although the total repair time does not exceed 32h, but in the 16h that minor repairs can handle some difficult and time-consuming repair projects, which is an advantageous organization. Because minor repairs are short-lived, minor repairs are only a means of protecting simple production. The expenses for minor repairs are expensed from production expenses and are included in the production cost of the current month.
      (2) repair
  Because of the short repair time of dredger machinery and equipment, and the shortcomings and hidden dangers of dredger equipment that can only be dealt with for a long period of time, it is impossible to solve the minor repair time, but it cannot be resolved when the next major repair is completed. It is necessary to organize one or several revisions between two major repairs. The scope of repairs is relatively large, and there are many projects. It is generally a restorative repair.
      (3) Major repairs
  When dredger equipment is used for a long time, certain key parts (such as the foundation of the primary equipment, crane trajectory, main motor, blast furnace shell, etc.) are damaged and cannot be corrected in a short time, so it is necessary to organize the longer ones. Discontinue production at the time of repair. This type of repair is called overhaul. Based on the practical experience of production and relevant statistical data, it is possible to estimate the period of overhaul of certain primary production equipment under normal conditions. The length of the overhaul cycle depends on the unevenness of the quality of maintenance work for dredging equipment protection. The key issues are: First, compliance with the use of regulations, not to overload the use of equipment; Second, to ensure the quality of overhaul construction.Please call for details: 18761149966

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