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Cutter suction dredger water\submarine pipeline assembly method

Cutter suction dredger water\submarine pipeline assembly method

 What is the status of the assembly method of the water suction and dredging dredger?
1 Water pipeline assembly laying method
The water pipeline is selected from floating steel pipe and rubber hose separated from each other. The specification of the steel pipe is 6m × Φ800mm, and the hose specification is 1.5m × Φ800mm. The total length of the water pipeline is 600 meters. One end is connected with the mud pipe of the construction ship, and the other end is connected with the air release valve and the underwater pipe. The center is fixed at every 150 meters on the anchor water, and all flanges are used for connection.
2 underwater pipeline laying
In order to not affect the navigability of the navigation channel during construction, proper underwater pipelines need to be laid. One end of the underwater pipe is connected to the water pipe and one end is connected to the land pipe.
  The assembly of submarine pipes is selected from the structure of 3+1, that is, three sections of steel pipe and one section of hose are connected to form one unit, and are assembled into multiple units and piled up for use. The structure of each unit is shown in the drawing.
Underwater pipe assembly is to spliced the assembled unit into water, and the water inlet end is set up with a buoy, and the position is controlled by the anchor boat. Under the cooperation of the land crane and the water anchor boat, the required length is gradually lengthened. In order to ensure that the interface of the flange does not leak mud, an aerodynamic wrench is used to connect the flange and the flange bolt is reinforced.
3Submarine tube sinking and lifting
  The floating and sinking of submerged pipes is the principle of operation of buoyancy attack on pipelines in the pipe to change irrigation water components. When sinking, the assembled pipe is towed to the positioning point with the anchor boat, and the two ends are fixed with anchors (the land end can be directly connected to the land. The nozzles are docked), then the pump pumps water to sink it to the mud surface. When floating, the two ends are separated from the water and land pipes, and the blind ends are used to block the two ends of the pipe. One end of the land is filled with air compressor and the other end is equipped with a water outlet regulating valve. Following the discharge of water from the pipe, the pipeline gradually floats by buoyancy.

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