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Dredger abnormal condition handling

Dredger abnormal condition handling

 In the construction of the cutter suction dredger, if the excavation volume is greater than the inhalation amount, the mud layer will easily collapse and the residual layer will occur. If there is a large backfilling construction area, it is prone to pre-excavation and siltation. There are new reasons for the formation of residual layers:
(1) Excavated soil was not fully inhaled, and the master ticket was excavated more than inhaled.
(2) After the mud surface has been broken, it is formed by water erosion or landslides. To this end, it is necessary to increase a certain depth of excavation, and it should be based on the length of the construction period and the amount of backfilling during the period.
The above is the reason for the occurrence of residual exhibition. In the operation, if there is residue, the following treatment methods can be adopted:
(1) Under normal circumstances, because the amount of back siltation is proportional to the length of the construction period, when the depth of silt is increased, it is necessary to consider adopting the first and second half of the control measures during the construction period. When the backshoe is not large, the depth is appropriate to ensure the quality.
(2) In dredging construction, when the sand thickness is several times that of the cutter, and the soil quality is loose sand, the slope can be used to improve the concentration. However, caution must be exercised to prevent the anti-neck phenomenon from happening when the collapsed soil is pressed against the bridge. ,
(3) To ensure personal safety, stop drinking before starting work. After drinking, all operations are stopped and seasickness is stopped.
(4) Stop dredgers from operating under 18 years old and over 50 years old.
(5) Try not to work at night.

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