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Dredger Classification

Dredger Classification

 Jiangsu Huazhu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industrial company specialized in the production of dredgers. The company has won the support and trust of its customers with its tough skills over the years. Today we come to comment on a more practical question. What is the detailed classification of dredgers?
Trailing suction dredgers are one of the absorbing types. It sucks mud through the boring heads on both sides or tail of the hull and works by sucking mud and flying side by side. Suction dredgers are flexible, efficient, and have strong wind and wave resistance. They are suitable for operation in coastal ports, broad rivers and anchorages.
The chain bucket dredger uses a series of bucket chains with buckets, and is driven by guide wheels to roll over the bucket bridge to dredge mud and raise it above the surface of the water. The anchor cables thrown by the rear, left, and right sides allow the hull to move forward or swing around to perform dredging operations.
    Cutter suction dredger is a kind of vessel that is now widely used in the dredging project. It uses a suction pipe to install a rotating reamer around the suction pipe to cut and agitate the river sediment. The suction pipe transports the stranded silt material to the silt material storage field with its strong pumping force. Its dredging, mud transport, and sludge disposal processes can be completed one after another. It is a highly efficient method. The lower cost dredger is an outstanding underwater excavation machine. A bucket dredger is a type of single bucket dredger that collects all the power on a bucket for special hard excavation. Grab dredgers are used to suspend mud buckets by using the rotary dredger's booms and steel ropes. Grabbing the weight of the grabs themselves, they are placed on the seabed to pick up the mud.
    With honesty, professionalism and diligence, we have left a deep image for many customers. We sincerely hope that we can provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service.

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