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Dredger console configuration and function

Dredger console configuration and function

 Dredger operation equipment on the console:

  Dredger master switch knob: 24 on-off console power.
  Dredger reamer turning switch: used for debugging and repairing reamers.
  The dredger is traversing the winch switch to the left and right: it is used to collect and dredge the dredger to make a fan-shaped movement.
  Dredger reamer button: Used to raise and lower the bridge to control dredging depth.
  Dredger reamer switch: Used for reamer rotation and operating speed gear.
  Dredger mud pump switch: Used to control the operation and suspension of the gearbox's co-discharge and un-discharge control sand pump.

  Dredging boat left and right positioning pile switch: used for positioning pile up and down control.
  Dredger engine monitoring instrument: used to observe the engine operating conditions during production.
  Dredging pressure regulator valve: used to adjust the pressure of the left side back pressure.
  Dredger instruments: miscellaneous pressure gauges, reamer pressure gauges, discharge pressure gauges, vacuum pressure gauges.

  Dredger miscellaneous pressure gauge: It is used for the emergence of pressure in the miscellaneous hydraulic system. Under normal conditions, the miscellaneous pressure can be adjusted to 8~12MPa.
  Dredger reamer pressure gauge: It is used for hydraulic systems, reamer pressure appears. Under normal conditions, the reamer pressure can be adjusted to 8~12MPa.
  Dredger discharge pressure gauge: It is used to show the discharge pressure of dredger discharge pipe. Under normal conditions, when the discharge interval is maximum, the concentration is good and the pressure is about 0.5 MPa.

  Dredger Vacuum Pressure Gauge: It is used for dredgers and sand pumping pipes show a concentration of bumps. Under normal conditions, the pressure is maintained around 0.04~0.06MPa.

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