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Dredger Construction Control Points

Dredger Construction Control Points

 The cutter suction dredger uses a rotating reamer to loosen and loosen the bottom soil and mixes the slurry with the cement, sucks the pump body through the suction pipe and sends it to the mud discharge area through the mud discharge pipe.
    Cutter suction dredger construction method control key:
    First, cross-cutting construction
    1. Cutter suction dredgers equipped with steel piles In the general construction area, symmetrical steel pile excavation method or steel pile trolley transverse excavation method should be used for construction.
    2. In areas with large wind waves, dredgers equipped with three-cylinder positioning equipment should use three-lane positioning and cross-cutting methods.
    3. In areas where the flow velocity of the water is large or where the wind wave is relatively large, the cutter suction dredger equipped with anchor cable dredging equipment should use the anchor cable cross-digging method.
   Second, segmentation method
   1. When the length of the excavation tank is greater than the useful extension length of the dredging vessel's water pipeline, it shall be constructed in sections according to the excavation length of the dredger and the water pipeline.
   2. The excavation of a number of straight sections of the required dividends in the curve segment of the excavation channel can be approximated by an approx.
   3. The criteria for digging troughs may be different, and the duration requirements may be different. They should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the contract.
   4, by the flight or other elements disturbed, according to the needs of the sub-construction.
   Third, Shun countercurrent construction
   In the construction of steel piles in inland river construction, it is advisable to use downstream construction; in the case of using the cable-grouting method, countercurrent construction should be selected; when the flow rate is large, downstream construction can be used and the lower anchor can be used for safety.
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