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Dredger core equipment protection is indispensable

Dredger core equipment protection is indispensable

 With regard to machinery and equipment, there is a central technology. The example under the core technology is the central equipment. It is a representative of the central technology and plays a leading role in the entire equipment. It is indispensable. Collapsing silt to dredge a cutting-edge dredger at the front of the river also has this central facility. What is its central facility? Is it an engine, still a suction device? In fact, these are not the centerpieces of the cutter suction dredger. Its center is a mud pump. If the cutter suction dredger has less of it, then it is equal to the soul. There is no practical significance and it is impossible to dredge the river again. With the development of water transportation operations, navigable vessels are becoming larger and larger, the depth of draught of vessels has been added accordingly, the original ports and shipways have been dredged, and new and expanded ports require many dredging operations. Therefore, dredging The ship is becoming more and more important. When dredgers are affected or disturbed by foreign elements during the dredging process, when the load is suddenly added, the speed of the mud pump is reduced, the throttle of the main engine is increased, and the rotational speed is constant. At this moment, if the mud pump is not maintained, it will be damaged. Can damage the host. It can be seen that the maintenance of the mud pump is indispensable. Once the mud pump is damaged, the river dredging is nonsense and there is no possibility of implementation.
The role played by wind-blown cutter suction dredger center equipment mud pump is enormous. It is the central soul of the whole ship. It cannot allow the soul to be maintained in short supply. Everyday operations must be kept in mind and care must be taken to ensure that Play a huge role in the future

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