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Dredger dredging requirements

Dredger dredging requirements

 The following describes the requirements for the dredging method of cutter suction dredgers:
    1. The width of the opening of the river, its depth and its changing rules;
2. The height of the river and the length of the slope;
3. River channel and sediment properties and soil hardness;
4. Coastal trees and buildings scattered;
5. Bridge height, scale and requirements for passing through the river;
6. There are no sludge disposal sites near the site, the mud concentration requirements and sludge treatment methods;
7. Shore access, machinery operation methods, locations, and requirements for machinery revenue and expenditure;
8. Guarantee of conditions such as electricity, power, and logistical repairs;
9.Whether the river is busy and whether it is allowed to sail;
10. Construction season and weather conditions.
  The above is the requirements of the dredging dredging method for grain suction dredgers. I hope we have some.

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