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Dredger Electrical System Introduction

Dredger Electrical System Introduction

 Dredger electrical system: This system is composed of generators that are towed by the host or auxiliary engine at its own end, standby generator sets, electrical cabinets, chargers, lighting, and consoles.
   Dredger's main generator: It supplies lighting and air-conditioning power for sealing pumps, miscellaneous pumps and dredgers.
   Dredger standby generator set: When the vessel strikes, repairs, emergency, supplies the above equipment.
   Dredger electrical cabinets: They are used to control electrical equipment on ships. They include shore generators, knife cutters, closure pumps, miscellaneous pumps, spare hydraulic pumps, fans, air switches for lighting and leakage protectors. The panel has a voltage indication meter, a work/standby generator changeover switch, a backup hydraulic pump, a sand pump, a closure pump, a miscellaneous water pump, and a fan start/stop button.
   Dredger Charger: Charges the battery.
   Dredger battery: power supply for diesel engine and hydraulic system solenoid valve. The entire dredger is powered by 24v power and the signal supplies power.

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