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Dredger flexibility designed to accommodate different work environments

Dredger flexibility designed to accommodate different work environments

 The mission of dredgers is to conduct submarine earth-rock construction, specifically: deepening, widening and reorganizing existing waterways and ports; excavating new waterways, ports and canals; dredging piers, docks, locks and other waters The foundation trenches of the industrial buildings and the sediments thrown into the deep sea are thrown into the deep sea or landfilled on land and hollowed out. It is a weapon for sand reclamation.
   Self-propelled or not
Self-navigation is with your own flying ability. Some dredgers do not have their own flying ability, and they each change their working position.
Always on a tugboat; the mud dug out from the bottom of the water was dumped into the waiting barge. A dredger with its own flying power is working on the passage of a larger ship and uses a thick hose (sludge pipe) to aspirate mud. The dredger puts the sand in the tank and when it is full, it is dumped overseas. The side-extended boom dredger is the most useful thing for sorting out the narrow channel. It runs smoothly, about 3,700 meters per hour. A 35-meter-wide water channel is shoveled at the bottom of the lake, and the pump sucks up the mud along the long. The boom is sprayed back into the water far away from the water. Large vessels with deep drafts need special reliance on such dredgers.
   The work of the dredger can be indicated by the number of cubic meters of soil that can be excavated per hour. The dredger can be classified into maneuvering and non-maneuvering. According to the construction features, it can be divided into sucking, hinged, and chain buckets. Grab bucket and bucket type.
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