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Dredger hull characteristics

Dredger hull characteristics

 (1) Dredger installed power (kw): It refers to the sum of the power of each diesel engine of the cutter suction dredger. General dredgers install 2 to 3 diesel engines. A diesel engine is used as the main power, and the mud pump is driven by the gear box. A diesel engine is used as an auxiliary power to drive the hydraulic system, generator, water seal pump, bilge pump, etc. One engine is used as a stop. Has the host power alone. Because the main engine power is matched with the mud pump, it can more accurately reflect the size of the dredger's production capabilities.
(2) Dredger reamer power (kw): refers to the value of the power to drive the turret head rotation. This objective reflects the reamer cutting ability of the cutter suction dredger.
(3) Dredger (m): The distance from the reamer head to the stern when the reamer bridge is in a horizontal orientation.
(4) Dredger type width (m): Refers to the width of the guard string on both sides of the dredger hull. If the ship is assembled, it is the interval between the two side box extensions.
(5) dredging ship type depth (m): refers to the height between the main deck of the dredger hull and the bottom of the ship.
(6) Dredger (full load) Displacement (m3): Refers to the volume of open dredger when the dredger fills up. In fact reflects the weight of the entire hull.
(7) Dredger suction pipe diameter (mm): It refers to the diameter of the suction pipe in the reamer bridge.
(8) Dredger positioning pile length: It refers to the length of the stern positioning steel pile from the top to the bottom.

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