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Dredger in the production of key issues

Dredger in the production of key issues

 Initiate the dredging launcher in the future to work at idle speed for about 10 minutes, and the water temperature, the oil temperature, and the oil pressure can reach the requirements of the rules. (Note: For specific requirements, refer to the instruction manual of the dredger ship-to-initiator). In the preparation machine to drive the sand pump operation, an operator in the operation room first opens the 24V power switch on the dredger operation cabinet. Then, the dredger bridge winch descends from the bridge and sucks the sand tube, sinks the reamer into the water, and then initiates flushing with the red water pump. Then, the gear box and the sand pump are passed through the gang switch on the operation table so that the initiator drives the gear box to drive the sand pump. Slowly raise the initiator to the regular speed. However, the rotational speed of the gearbox is the minimum rotational speed of the engine. The engine must not be allowed to close at high speed. After the sand pump sucks water, and the pipe outlets are drained, and the water is discharged normally, the reamer can be used to start construction with left and right lateral movements. Note: The positioning piles must not be pierced into the mud at the same time when the dredger is doing fan-shaped movement during construction. Operation is certainly not allowed. Dredgers need to be discharged when the sand pump is suspended during construction, and the gear box is disengaged from the sand pump. Dredger launcher speed must be reduced to the minimum speed to be able to escape.
    Pay attention to the passage of the crew in the production of dredgers, smell, hear, see and touch, and observe the conditions inside the cabin. Smell the smell, listen to abnormal sounds, and see if the launcher monitors the appearance. Whether the hydraulic system leaks oil, whether the cooling system leaks water, and whether the initiator has three leaks. Leaking, leaking, leaking. Touch moving parts temperature bump sensation and so on.
    Deck operators also have to go through, smell, hear, watch, and observe the conditions above the deck. Smell smell or smell unusual sounds and see if the monitor appearance on the operating cabinet of the dredging vessel is normal and the intention of the ship in the past. Whether the hydraulic system pipeline and the underwater pipeline leak oil on the deck.
    When the dredger does not produce, it is necessary to stop the launcher and lift the bridge reamer away from the sand and soil layer after being lifted by the bridge winch, and stop pumping in the water for a period of time. The entire dredging vessel is free of silt, and then the speed of the dredging machine is disengaged so that the sand pump stops its operation, and then the dredger bridge winch is lifted to lift the bridge off the water surface, and insurance is provided. Can stop the initiator, close the bottom valve, there are other valves, block the power supply, close the window door.

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