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Dredger inspection when first launched

Dredger inspection when first launched

 It is necessary for the dredger to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the hull for the first time before the dredging operation is carried out. In particular, for some dredgers with separate dredgers, it is necessary to check whether there is water seepage in the hull and to look at the dredgers. Whether the parts are tightly connected or not, bolts, screws, and other accessories are not missing. When the dredger is in the water, it is also necessary to check the main floating body of the ship, the side floats, and whether there is water leakage in each compartment. It must be ensured that dredgers can be put into dredging operations without any problems.
    When the dredger is performing dredging operations, if there is no designated construction orientation, the positioning piles must be erected first, and the positioning piles are also necessary to be found in the local water depth, because the positioning piles can be satisfied only in the deepwater areas. Erection requirements. Then start the generator set, and then start the hydraulic system emergency hydraulic pump, so that the hydraulic system can operate normally, and then it is necessary to release the left and right traverse cable, from the front of the traverse pulley back under the hull Position the pile root and secure it.

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