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Dredger Introduction

Dredger Introduction

 1. The dredger is mainly used for river dredging, dredging and dredging, land reclamation, and road construction.
2. Dredgers are mainly divided into cutter suction dredgers, suction dredgers, bucket wheel dredgers, chain bucket dredgers and bucket dredgers.
Cutter Suction Dredger: The cutter suction dredger is a kind of ship that is now widely used in the dredging project. It uses the suction pipe front end to surround the cutter pipe and installs a rotary reamer to carry out the sediment in the river. After cutting and agitating, the suction sludge pipe will transport the silted material to the silt material storage field with powerful pumping force. Its dredging, sludge transport, and mud removal operations can be completed one after another. It is an efficient, low-cost dredger and an outstanding underwater excavation machine.
Suction dredgers: Suspended dredgers are one of the suction types. It sucks mud through the rakes on both sides or tail of the hull, and works by sucking mud while flying. Suction dredgers are flexible, efficient, and resistant to winds. They are suitable for operation in coastal ports, wide rivers and anchorages.
Bucket Wheel Dredgers: Bucket wheeled dredgers are very different from cutter suction dredgers except for excavation equipment. The rotation axis of the bucket wheel and the support arm make a certain point of view, while the rotary axis of the cutter head of the suction suction dredger is parallel to the support arm.
Chain bucket dredger: The chain bucket dredger has a strong ability to adapt to the soil. It can excavate all kinds of mud except for rock, and it can excavate very well. It can cut the section rules of the trenches with minimal errors, and is most suitable for quay berths in harbors. Specifications such as hydraulic structures are more stringent project facilities and therefore have a certain scope of use.
Bucket-type dredger: A bucket-type dredger is a type of single bucket dredger that gathers all the power on a bucket for special hard excavation. It uses a boom and bucket handle to extend the bucket into the water, piercing the bottom of the river, excavating the bottom of the sea, and then by the winch to pull the bucket together with the handle and boom to lift the water, to the appropriate height, from the cycle equipment Go to the dumping or mud quarry, swing the bottom of the bucket to remove the mud, and then revert to the dredging address.

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