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Dredger motor common problems and maintenance

Dredger motor common problems and maintenance

 In the process of using dredgers, motor faults often affect production. The main problems are:
(1) The dredge bearing is excessively worn or improperly installed, and the stator and rotor phase wipes are formed, which causes damage to the outer surface of the iron core, thereby forming a short circuit between the silicon steel plates of the sand washer and the temperature rise of the motor. At this time, fine burrs and other things are used to remove burrs, eliminate shorting of silicon steel sheets, apply clean insulation paint, and heat and dry. The
2 When the dredging ship removes the old windings, the force is too great, so that the stolen slot is tilted and opens outwards. The dredger is now using needle-nose pliers, wooden trowel, and the number one thing to be trimmed, to reset the tooth gap, and to participate in hard insulation materials such as crust paper, glue board, etc. between gapped silicon steel sheets that are not well reset. The
(3) The dredge has formed iron core rust due to moisture and other reasons. At this moment, it needs to be polished with sandpaper, cleaned and painted with insulating paint. The
4 High-heat-burned iron cores or teeth are generated around the group ground. Use a chisel or a spatula to remove the deposit and clean it, coat it with insulating paint and dry it. The
5 The joint between the iron core of the dredging ship sand machine and the base is loose, and the original positioning screw can be tightened. If the positioning screw of the dredging vessel fails, drill the positioning hole on the base and tap it to tighten the positioning screw.

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