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Dredger requirements for lubricants

Dredger requirements for lubricants

 What are the requirements for smooth oil in dredgers? Dredgers are the most commonly used equipment in dredging machinery, especially large-scale silt plants, stone factories, etc., and these equipment are produced in the open air. Dredgers are reliable, they have a good working environment, equipment, and convenience of repairs, as well as low costs for work and protection, good economy, energy saving, environmental protection, and no need for any additional equipment. However, their working environment is rather harsh and they still have to pay more attention. Daily maintenance and punctual repairs.
What are the requirements of the dredger for smooth oil exploration?
    1. The volume of the dredging machinery and the volume of the fuel tank are small, the amount of smooth oil installed is also small, and the oil temperature is high during working, which requires the smooth oil to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
    2. Due to the harsh environment of the river water, coal dust, rock dust, and moisture are relatively large, the smooth oil will not be contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, it is required that the dredger smooth oil should have good anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification functions. When a smooth oil is required to be contaminated, its function will not change too much, that is, its sensitivity to pollution will be less.
    3. The temperature of open-air machinery in winter and summer changes greatly, and the temperature difference between day and night in some areas is also large. Therefore, the change of the viscosity of smooth oil with temperature is required to be small. It is necessary to prevent the viscosity of the oil from becoming too low when the temperature is high, so that it cannot be constituted. The smooth film does not achieve the smooth effect that should be obtained, but also prevents the viscosity from being too high when the temperature is low, resulting in difficulty in starting and working.
    4. With regard to certain dredging machinery and equipment, in particular, some machines used in mines that are prone to fires or explosions require the use of a good flame retardant (anti-flammable liquid) with good flame resistance. Combustible mineral oils cannot be used.
    5. It is required that the smoothing agent has good adaptability to the seal so as not to damage the seal.

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