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Dredger Safety Operation Regulations

Dredger Safety Operation Regulations

Dredgers are mainly used for excavation of new fairway ports and canals, to deepen and clean up existing waterways and ports, to dredge channels and channels, and to remove underwater obstacles. Grasping the safe operation regulations of dredgers is of utmost importance. Qingzhou Yongsheng will introduce the following methods for the safe operation of dredgers:
    1. It is necessary to wear life jackets and personal labor protection products according to the rules when entering the dredger operation site. When the pipeline operation requires more than two colleagues.
    2. All ship fire fighting, life-saving equipment, anti-collision and other safety facilities must be ensured to be intact, applicable and designated personnel shall be responsible for management and protection. They shall not be used at ordinary times. Construction site safety protection measures should be discussed, drafted, issued, and fulfilled with local authorities.
    3. The operating rods of the operating industry vessels should be well-preserved around their operations, walking channels, and upper channels, and the walking ramps should be erected and should have anti-slip strips.
    4. When dredgers and affiliated vessels are towing, anchoring and constructing in fairways, docks and harbors, they should set and display signals and send personnel on duty. There is a need for adequate lighting at night for construction.
    5, the crew should understand the project construction and design. Understand the local hydrology, climate, geological features, and construction water area materials. Observe the mud dredge, water source and water withdrawal facilities. The project department should arrange control measures such as construction plan, construction quality, environment, and work health and safety, and perform skills exchange.
   6. When the construction vessel is being transported, it shall be prepared by a special person to plan the handling of roads, towing method, job division of work personnel and formation of vessels, etc., and shall be performed with the consent of the superior.
   7. Ship operations, anchoring, production stoppages, and sheltering operations shall be performed in accordance with the current skill standards in the “Technical Specifications for Dredging Engineering”.
   8. It is necessary for the crew to undergo training and study to understand the safety operation regulations of the ship and the operating instructions of each machine.

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