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Dredger service life

Dredger service life

 Dredgers are now an underwater construction vessel with high power, low cost, and wide application in the dredging project. Generally, the smallest dredger can be constructed under the condition of a depth of about 3 meters. The maximum dredging depth can reach 3 to 35 meters or more, so large-scale machinery is expensive. Many users always pay attention to the quality and service life of dredgers. Generally speaking, dredgers can be used for many years. ? 

With the continuous development of science and technology and continuous improvement of skills, the dredger's skills and years of use have also increased. Many of the dredgers that have been purchased have been used for more than 20 years and are still in normal use. It can be said with certainty that the use of dredgers for 20 years is not a problem. Of course, the premise is that it is necessary to pay attention to protection and maintenance. Although modern equipment, information, and automation systems are now used in the existing structure, the dredger is fundamental. Plans and programs are still very solid and proven in use. 

The dredgers that are now produced will be necessary for power and automation. They can be easily replaced for parts that require replacement. Therefore, dredgers have a long service life and extremely high power. The value they bring is high. The purchase of dredgers advocates to the regular manufacturers, brand quality, and after-sales service must be ensured. The users who are in need can visit Jiangsu Huazhuo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of dredgers and cutter suction ships.

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