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Dredger Trailer System Introduction

Dredger Trailer System Introduction

 The tail suction system of the cutter suction dredger includes a floating buoy, a water discharging pipeline, and an onshore sludge discharging pipeline. The effect thereof is to connect the dredging vessel and the sludge discharging field, and transport the mud generated by the dredging pump mud pump to the sludge discharging field. .
    Dredger water buoy
   The effect of the floating hoppers of the cutter suction dredger is to lift the water discharging mud line that conveys the mud on the water surface and complete the water transfer effect from the dredging vessel to the mud discharging field.
    Dredger rubber hose
   The rubber hoses are used for the connection between the water sludge pipes supported by the floating buoys, which together facilitates the formation of twists and turns on the water surface of the floating buoy tubes, and is suitable for the construction requirements of the dredger. The type of dredger rubber hose is straight-through, flared, and flanged.
    Dredger sludge discharge pipe
   The mud discharge pipes are generally divided into water mud discharge pipes and land mud discharge pipes according to different application locations. The raw material of the dredger row pipe is generally made of A3, plated and welded, or directly made of spiral steel pipe. All welds require double-sided welding in order to avoid cracking and form a slurry.

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