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Dredger traversing system

Dredger traversing system

 The following describes the traverse system of dredgers for us:
   1. Dredger traversing winch: After the operation of the dredging dredger, the traversing winch rotates forward or backwards, picking up and releasing the traverse. When the dredger is to be rocked to one side, tighten the side of the transverse cable and relax the other side of the cable; or vice versa.
   2. Dredger transverse cable: It is a steel wire rope. One end is connected with a traverse winch through an underwater guide pulley, and one end is connected with a transverse anchor.
   3, dredging guide pulley: connected to the reamer bridge, the effect of change to the traverse.
   4. Dredger transverse anchor: It is placed outside the excavation section as a fixed support point for the transverse cable. If the length permits, it can be a bit farther, so that the dredging vessel can be moved forward by a relatively long distance. The traversing anchor passes the anchor boat or casts the bolt.
   5. The dredger's anchor rod: It is commonly found on new dredgers and is installed on both sides of the bow. The pilots completed the operation of throwing anchors across the anchors after operating on the driving platform, which reduced the workload of anchor boats and the labor intensity of the crew.
The above describes the traversing system of dredgers.

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