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Dredger ventilation

Dredger ventilation

 In order to improve the working conditions of the crew, dredgers are provided with cabin ventilation ducts. It can remove cabin air, make up for fresh air, and it can also regulate cabin temperature and humidity.
  Common ventilation methods include natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

  (1) Natural ventilation
  Natural ventilation is the use of the pressure difference between the ventilator inside and outside the ventilator to allow the dredger's cabin to ventilate and ventilate. The natural ventilation method has good ventilation effect, but it should not be used when the air is wet.
  There is a ventilation cap at the upper end of the ventilator, also known as a wind bucket.

Commonly used pipe type, exhaust tube type, goose neck type and mushroom type. Pipe-type ventilation caps are used mostly for small dredgers and cabin ventilation. The wind bucket is sleeved on the tube seat and a handle is provided above it to roll the wind bucket. Exhaust air ducts are mostly used for cabins where small dredgers are close to both sides. Gooseneck ventilation caps are used for water tanks or oil tanks with a strainer at the top. Mushroom ventilation caps are used on the dome for ventilation of the cabin. Ventilation in the kitchen and accommodation should be equipped with adjustable screw, the size of the opening can be adjusted by rotating the handwheel in the room.

  (2) Mechanical ventilation
  Mechanical ventilation is the use of ventilators to blow fresh air into the dredger's cabin or draw out the cabin air to ventilate the air. Some dredgers add dehumidifiers or desiccants to the fans to make the air entering the silo dry.

  (3) Air-conditioning system
  The air-conditioning system filters, heats (or cools) and humidifies (or dehumidifies) the outside air, and sends the treated air to various chambers to regulate the temperature and humidity in the room, thereby creating an artificial microclimate effect for improvement. Crew’s working conditions

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