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Dredger wear factors

Dredger wear factors

 The primary factors influencing the wear of dredgers are part data, work load, speed of movement, temperature, smoothness, appearance quality, device and device quality, mechanical structure characteristics, and motion properties.
    1. Effect of part data on wear
The wear resistance of part data depends primarily on its hardness and resistance. The hardness of the resolution of its appearance against the ability to deform, but the high hardness is easy to make brittle addition, so that the appearance of the data appear abrasive grain off; resistance can prevent the occurrence of abrasive particles, improve its wear resistance.
Through heat-treated or chemically heat-treated steels, excellent mechanical properties can be obtained and the wear resistance of the parts can be improved. Sometimes, the use of external flame quenching or high-frequency quenching methods to improve wear resistance data. The method of carburizing, nitriding and cyanidation may be used to make the appearance of the steel higher in hardness and wear resistance.
In the combined parts, such as the rotating shaft of the dredging boat bearing pair, the main parts that require processing are therefore, should be selected wear-resistant materials (such as high-quality alloy steel); for relatively simple mechanical parts, such as bearings Lining or bushings are made of relatively soft materials such as babbitt alloys, copper-based alloys, lead-based or aluminum-based alloys (also known as friction-reducing alloys) in order to reduce the risk of conflict and wear.
     2. Effect of work load on wear
In general, the greater the unit pressure, the more wear and tear on the parts. In addition to the load size, the load characteristics have a direct effect on wear. If the static load is still variable load, there is no impact load, it is still a long time load and so on. Generally it should not be overloaded for a long time and receive shock loads.
     3. Effect of movement speed on wear
When the dredger components are in operation, the unevenness, direction, speed and uniform speed, forward rotation and reverse rotation, and time-opening and stoppage of the dredger components all have different degrees of influence on wear. The general situation is that under dry conflict conditions, the higher the speed, the faster the wear and tear; the higher the speed when there is a smooth oil, the easier it is to constitute a liquid collision and reduce the wear; the higher the dredging boat's starting frequency, the faster the wear of the parts.

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