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Dredgers suitable for harbor dredging

Dredgers suitable for harbor dredging

 Dredging vessels are mostly operated on the water, and the operation is quick and easy. In the meantime, the cutter suction dredger is the most commonly used dredging vessel. He is widely used in the dredging operation of various large ports and rivers, and the cutter suction type The operational advantages of the silt boat are: high work efficiency, easy operation for various terrains, and the suction and suction head of the cutter suction dredging vessel rotates and agitates the silt in the bottom of the water to make it like a jubilation, and then passes through the mud pump. The mud is sucked up and sent to the designated site on the bank via a mud discharge pipe. The cutter cage of the cutter suction type dredging vessel is driven by the hydraulic motor to rotate, and the whole hull is rolled in the water around a positioning pile due to the effect of the opposite effect on the skein blade. The cutter suction dredging vessel is composed of a diesel engine, a gear pump, a gearbox, a mud pump, a suction straw, and the like. Cutter suction dredgers are particularly suitable for dredging operations in various ports.
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