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Dredging equipment failure treatment

Dredging equipment failure treatment

 Talking about the usefulness of the cutter suction dredger and the effect on the environment, we will not talk about it, but in the ordinary course of application, it will inevitably present some minor accidents to bother us. Today Xiao Bian has dealt with you for many years. Cutter suction dredger equipment handling methods should be encountered so that you can handle it with ease.

First of all, let's talk to us about what is happening to the equipment: The so-called affair of the equipment is caused by the fact that the accuracy of the equipment and the effectiveness of its use have been reduced due to some non-normal man-made damage factors. If subdivided, it can be divided into three categories: damage, responsibility, and natural.

In view of some of the above-mentioned phenomena of cutter suction dredger equipment incidents, the following Xiaobian tells you about our general countermeasures, processing methods, and documented techniques. It is always good to be prepared. The specific processing method is generally divided into the following two cases:

(1) After presenting the incident, the personnel present at the scene must first deal with the situation of calmness. We can immediately state and analyze the cause of the incident to the specific person in charge, and then identify the cause of the incident, analyze the cause of the incident, and then amend it.

(2) The above is a general case. When encountering a relatively large time, as the operator must first protect the site of the incident, according to the cause of the incident on-site analysis and immediately to the responsible person of the unit and equipment management personnel.

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