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Dredging ship engineering construction should follow the principle

Dredging ship engineering construction should follow the principle

 Dredging project construction must comply with the following criteria in groundwater use planning:
(1) Dredgers should fully use groundwater, rationally develop groundwater, and achieve overall arrangements for groundwater and surface water;
(2) According to the aquifer's ability to make up for water, determine the number of wells in each layer and the amount of exploitation, so as to achieve stratified water intake, shallow, medium and deep combination and reasonable layout;
(3) It is necessary to combine the management of drought, alkalized and salty water, and make unified planning so as to ensure both irrigation and lowering of the groundwater level and prevention of alkali and stains; both the exploitation of groundwater and the evacuation of underground storage; so that precipitation can be stored during the flood season. And runoff on the ground, and create conditions for the treatment of alkaloids.
In the process of using groundwater for dredging vessel construction, management must be strengthened to prevent blind mining and cause adverse consequences. Shallow groundwater refers to diving that is directly connected with local precipitation and surface water, and weak confined water that is in close hydraulic contact with diving. Other water source projects include water collection projects, sewage treatment and reuse, and seawater use. Rainwater harvesting refers to the manual collection and storage of roofs.

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