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Dredging vessel operation specification (1)

Dredging vessel operation specification (1)

 Dredger Operation Standards and Procedures:
   First of all, in the production of dredgers, it is required to check the integrity of life-saving equipment such as life jackets and life rings, and yellow sand boxes, fire buckets, and fire extinguishers. It is everyone's responsibility to produce safely.
   Before the new equipment dredgers are launched into the water, it is required to fully check whether there is water seepage in the hulls, whether they are firmly connected, and whether there are missing screws, screws and other accessories. (Note: Our dredge is a split type, so pay attention to the precautions mentioned above). After launching, check the main floating body, side floats, compartments and cabins of the dredger for water leakage. To ensure that there are no problems, our dredging ships can be put into construction. (Note: Our company's products have passed water testing and debugging before shipment.)
   The process and precautions before starting the preparatory construction are as follows: First, apply all the smoothness of the dredging vessel with butter and smooth oil.
   Hydraulic system hydraulic oil tank plus hydraulic oil, filling direction in the hydraulic tank level meter top.

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