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Factors affecting dredger production

 Dredgers are used as river dredging equipment. Dredging capacity is a measure of the output power of dredgers. In addition to the parameters of dredgers, the following three factors also influence the output value of dredgers.
1. Types and parameters of dredgers:
In terms of size, the output value of large dredgers is naturally higher than that of small ones. From the type of dredger, the output value of dredging dredgers is higher than that of other types of dredgers.
2. Influence of soil layer on production value:
The environment of the subterranean earth and soil is ever-changing. Some soil layers are soft and they are easily excavated during operation. This directly saves the dredging time and increases the output value. Some soil layers are very sturdy, and it takes time and effort to excavate. Even dredgers equipped with reamer heads are difficult to excavate. The degree of soil hardness is the main factor affecting the dredger output value.
3, the impact of the old and new degree of dredger on the output value:
The oldness of the dredger is also a major factor affecting its production value. Aged and old parts of the old dredger are aging and can no longer exert their maximum excavation capacity during dredging operations.

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