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Function and failure-prone elimination of each dredger valve group (2)

Function and failure-prone elimination of each dredger valve group (2)

 Reamer pressure adjustment valve group: There are two pilot relief valves on the reamer pressure adjustment valve group. Control the pressure of two hydraulic pumps to provide power for the dredger reamer and rotate the reamer. If the reamer has no pressure during the working process of the dredger reamer, there may be two pilot relief valve check valves formed on the valve group or the pilot valve is dead and the coil is damaged. At this moment, remove the pilot relief valve (pay attention to the direction of orientation) and clean it with diesel. Repeat the installation. The valve is controlled by a reamer working rocker switch or button on the dredger's console.

  Miscellaneous Pressure Regulators: Miscellaneous pressure regulators have been described above for their usefulness and function. This is the first place to introduce the method of adjustment and the treatment of problems.
  There is a rotating handle on the miscellaneous pressure regulating valve, clockwise rotation pressure rise, counterclockwise rotation pressure drop. The system pressure is adjusted to 8~10MPa. If there is no action in the system other than the dredger reamer, then the fault is caused by the formation of the valve check valve or the pilot valve is not energized, and the solenoid coil is damaged. At this moment, the pilot relief valve is removed and the orientation is noted. Clean up with clean diesel oil to re-install.

Flow regulating valve It is a valve that is installed in series on the pipeline of the left and right traverse winch system. Its function is to regulate the speed of the dredger on the left and right traversing the winch. (Note: The speed is adjusted as required)

  The left side of the back pressure regulator valve its function and usefulness. The function is to regulate the pressure bump of the dredger's left traversing winch and return the oil to control the winch. Because of the intention of the cutter suction dredger that it uses the reamer to cut in the sand to crush the sand, the direction of movement of the reamer in the construction of the cutter suction dredger is divided into the scalar and anti-knife. Under normal circumstances, when the dredging vessel is fanned to the left during construction, the reamer moves in the opposite direction. On the contrary, when the dredger moves to the right during the construction production, the direction of the reamer is a reamer. The difference between the cleaver and the counter knife is that the cleaver encounters a runner when it cuts sand, and the cutting action is very poor. On the contrary, when the counter knife cuts the sand, it has a counter cutting resistance. There will be no running knife phenomenon inside. In order to prevent dredgers from affecting production efficiency due to the presence of a knife in the production process, a back pressure valve is added on the left sideshift to increase the resistance. The reamer will not exhibit a running knife phenomenon when the front knife moves. The role of cutting sand. It adjusts the method clockwise rotation pressure added, counterclockwise rotation pressure decreases.

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