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How Do Dredgers Construct Viscous Mud

 Dredgers are mainly used to clean up silt in river channels. Due to the different siltation conditions of different rivers, some are also doped with other substances, resulting in an annual increase in silt. When dredgers are being constructed, the sludge will adhere to dredging for a short period of time. The reamer inside the ship measures the mud inlet, which can cause the dredger to be unable to carry out construction. How can we deal with this problem effectively?
    We usually equip our customers with high-pressure water guns. We plan several nozzle coils around the dredger reamer. When the reamer dredger is working, the nozzles can spray the water from the river to the cutter head of the dredger. At the same time, the mud on the reamer is washed down to prevent the dredger from being unable to work due to the adhesion of the mud, which can be used to solve the sludge problem and make the whole power of the dredger progress. Our company is a professional manufacturer of dredgers, and more. Details, please call for details: 18761149966

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