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How large is the power of a large dredger?

How large is the power of a large dredger?

 The power of large dredgers is generally very large, some reach more than 1,000 kilowatts, and small ones have four or five hundred kilowatts. The equipment that matches much power needs to be determined by the parameters of the dredger construction site, one of which is the transport interval. One is digging deep, and the other is our expected output. During this period, the transportation interval has a greater impact. The longer the general transportation, the greater the power that we need. If the interval is too far, we still need to install relay pump equipment, just equipment. The limit of the delivery interval can reach two kilometers. When this value is exceeded, we recommend that you install the relay equipment. The construction period for a piece of equipment is about sixty days. If there are special requirements, the duration may be longer and you can learn more about large-scale digging. Mudboat information welcome to inquire.

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