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How to choose a dredger

 The use of a cutter suction dredger can not only create wealth for us, but also contribute to environmental construction. How can we scientifically select dredgers?
    1. Monitor and control the backwater of the mud collection area regularly and trim and raise the interception ditch regularly to avoid environmental pollution due to backflow.
    2. Strictly inspect the transmission line outside the site.
    3. Ensure that dredgers are able to scientifically arrange construction work schedules on the premise that construction progress can be completed, so as to avoid the problem of slurry formation due to pipeline damage.
    4, for the mud transport ship from and to, also perform strict environmental control.
    Jiangsu Huazhu Environmental Protection Equipment reminded us that in order to prevent the dredging ship from showing ground leakage and other problems, it would pollute the water body and announce that the noise would affect the neighboring villagers. It is necessary to select the dredging equipment with good performance and low noise as much as possible.

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