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How to improve the efficiency of dredgers

How to improve the efficiency of dredgers

 Cutter suction dredger during normal construction. The dredger drove the operators to directly control the operations of each mechanical device through various buttons, switches, and handles, and dredged the dredger in various orderly movements. Under certain objective conditions, the specific engineering, vessels, conditions of work conditions determined, soil quality, climate, hydrology, and the impact of vessel navigation on dredger construction, the production power of cutter suction dredgers actually lies in the control of personnel. The level of operation. The technical skill level of operation is reflected in several aspects such as the reamer dredging track, forward movement interval, traversing interval, reamer rotational speed, digging width, depth of manipulative control, mud pump normal operating conditions and other aspects.
During the dredging operation, attention should be paid to:
1, suitable for a balanced mud concentration. Slurry content is the key parameter to improve production power. It is necessary to control the balance and appropriate control.
2. Adhere to the good operating conditions of each machine.
3. It is fast, accurate, and successful for all dredging and assisting operations.
In general, during the construction period of dredging, minimizing the time for assisting operations and improving the operating time for dredging, and maintaining a balanced and appropriate mud concentration, is the key to improving the production power of cutter suction dredgers.

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