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How to improve the efficiency of sand mining

How to improve the efficiency of sand mining

 A flagship product, how high is the power of the equipment? First and foremost, we must fully understand the terrain of the construction of the equipment and select the most suitable type so that the equipment can better exert its performance. The river cutter suction vessel is divided into two types, hydraulic and mechanical. We choose according to the terrain of the operation. The most suitable equipment is for the construction of the river cutter suction boat. When the reamer is driven by the power, it will roll over and stir the sand at the bottom of the river to make the sand mixed with the water to form a certain share. At this time, the sand pump will be mixed with water. Substances are pumped into the pump and discharged to the shore through pipelines. We fully understand the terrain and combine the best results with our equipment talents. We hope that the river cutter suction boat welcomes us to contact us.

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