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Mechanical dredger features

Mechanical dredger features

 Mechanical dredgers (dredge dredgers) can be divided into grab buckets, chain buckets, and bucket buckets. They are characterized by the use of sand (mud) buckets to catch sand (mud) directly under water, raised, and finished under water. Dredging (mud) process.
The grab dredging ship is composed of a hull with certain benefits and a crane (lifting machine) that can rotate on the ship. The lifting boom equipment can be rotated with the turntable (or properly variable amplitude) on the crane's turntable. The process of dredging is to lift the grab to turn the grab to the reserved excavation address. When the grab is placed near the surface of the water, the winch drum is loosened, so that the grab that has been opened is under vertical weight and vertical in the water. Falling, when the grab arrives at you, the teeth break into the sand. Afterwards, the locking cable is twisted and the grab is closed. After lifting the bucket from the water, the boom rotates to the place where it was destined (cargo ship or vehicle, etc.). The self-propelled grab dredging ship itself has a sand cabin and non-self-propelled reprovisioned transport ships.
The typical structure of the bucket bucket dredger is a bucket chain consisting of a sand bucket and chain links. The bucket chain is wound between the upper and lower guide wheels of the bucket bridge. The upper guide wheel is connected with the drive system, and the lower guide wheel is used with a winch to pass the cable. Suspend and manipulate the height of the lower end of the bucket chain to control the depth of excavation. During the dredging operation, the bucket chain is driven by the power of the upper guide wheel to cut sand and sand in succession under the water. Improve the process. When the sand bucket turns and the guide wheel turns downward on the bucket bridge, the sediment in the bucket is unloaded into the belt conveyor under the guide wheel of the bucket bridge due to its own weight, and then it is sent to the transport ship or is dumped directly onto the shore. Sand address. Chain bucket dredgers can adapt to hard sand formations.
Bucket-type dredgers are equipped with a bucket machine at the end of the hull (a cable shovel or a forward shovel or backhoe can be used). The dredging principle of bucket bucket dredgers is the same as that of similar excavation machines on land. Bucket-type dredgers do not have the ability to transport. When dredging operations are performed, they must be equipped with transport machinery.

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