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Method for increasing the flow rate of the suction vessel

Method for increasing the flow rate of the suction vessel

 In the dredging vessel dredging project construction, one of the factors affecting production is soil quality and depth of excavation, but the soil quality is innate resolution, and we cannot change it. Other influencing factors are dredging work time, flow velocity, and mud concentration. Here we introduce you to the method of moving the suction vessel.
  With the constant mud concentration, the forward flow rate can significantly advance the hourly output of the suction vessel. The method of advancing the flow velocity is: 1 Reduce the row spacing. When the pipelines are laid before the start of construction, the site must be carefully surveyed in order to minimize the distance between the rows; 2 the pipelines should be laid straight and minimize the number of climbing ramps and reduce the resistance of the mud in the pipeline; 3 Reduce the row height. If conditions permit, reducing the row height can reduce the head loss and advance the flow rate; 4 reduce the depth of excavation. In the case of the same soil quality, the deeper the digging depth, the smaller the flow velocity. Therefore, in the dredging project, the depth of digging can be properly reduced; 5 the use of floating tubes can be reduced. The one-meter floating tube is equivalent to 1.67 meters of shore pipe, and the one-meter immersed pipe is equivalent to 1.14 meters of shore pipe. Therefore, reducing the use of the floating pipe can reduce the mud resistance in the sludge pipe and the forward flow rate; In this case, the speed of the forward mud pump can be used to increase the initial energy of the mud and the advancing flow rate; 7 strictly controlling the amount of empty space of the pump shell mud nozzle, reducing the gap between the impeller and the liner, and the power of the forward mud pump; 8 timely obstacle clearing. When the suction hole, mud pump, and pipe head have obstacles, the flow rate will be greatly affected. If it is severe, it may cause blockage of the pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the mud in a timely manner to ensure the clearing of the mud discharge pipe. In the case of the case, increase the diameter of the pipe head properly; 10 Use a material with a small friction resistance as far as possible to make the mud discharge pipe.
  In the dredger construction of dredgers, try to clean or reduce the helium elements. It is possible to advance the forward flow velocity, match the flow velocity and mud concentration, and get good yields to obtain good economic benefits.

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