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Method for quick dredging of cutter suction dredger

Method for quick dredging of cutter suction dredger

 Cutter suction dredger is a kind of ship that is widely used in the dredging project. It is a kind of dredger with high power and low cost, and is an outstanding underwater excavation machine. Can complete the dredging, mud transport, dumping mud and other work processes one after another.
    In order to obtain the best dredging power, the method of dredging was discussed, and proposals were made for the planning of the dredger pump and its system of the cutter suction dredger. The output value and power consumption were calculated theoretically, and the output value for work guidance was pointed out. Curve drawing.
    The primary rule for dredging dredgers from cutter suction dredgers is to improve the mud production value, and the dredging dredge reduces the cost of dredging. Production value = flow x slurry uniform concentration
    How to obtain the maximum dredging concentration of the cutter suction dredger: Usually the amount of earthwork is used to check the output value of the dredging dredger. Therefore, the dredging capacity of the pump can also be measured by the volume concentration. The volume concentration is the ratio of the solid volume to the volume of the slurry, which is generally taken as a percentage.

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