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Reamer determines efficiency of dredger

Reamer determines efficiency of dredger

 The main components of industry efficiency and role, so the reamer planning dredger must be considered in all aspects. So how can we plan to use the best reamer?
1. Select the appropriate reamer size.
2, on the operating site parameters to carry out practical tests.
3, cutter cutter teeth to use a variety of forms, due to different geological layers to use different teeth.
4. The raw materials of the knife teeth should be selected according to the different operating conditions, and the raw materials that can meet the requirements of resistance and patience should be selected.
   The above is the specific implementation method for planning the dredger reamer. From this we can see that the planning of the dredger is a matter of consideration for many issues. If you want to understand and plan the problems related to the dredger more specifically, you are welcome to consult the company. .

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