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Small gold mining gold ship sanding gold mining history

The history of mining gold and gold deposits in small gold-mining vessels is relatively short. It was only a hundred years old since New Zealand adopted the gold mining vessel for gold mining in 1870. However, due to its high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, high labor productivity, low production cost and strong adaptability, gold mining vessels are developing rapidly. Following the mining of gold mining vessels in New Zealand using gold mining vessels, the United States, the former Soviet Union, Australia, Ghana, Malaysia and other countries have successively built a gold ship, and the scope is growing. With incomplete statistics, there are more than a thousand gold mining vessels used for mining gold and gold deposits in the world and it is still continuing to increase.


Small gold-washed vessels operating on the water, the river bottom of the sediment according to different soil to take appropriate measures to mining up through the sorting screen set on the gold-hull separation, large stones were discarded, the soil was washed, carrying gold Grain of fine sand is sent to the gold rush chute, the laying of gold washing blanket above, according to the specific needs of small drum chute can be set to other gold equipment. Under the action of the water, a lot of gold remains in the bottom of the riverbed, so the small goldfish vessel becomes the most effective complex channel gold mining equipment. Gold Rush, small gold panning ship

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