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Structure of cutter suction dredger

Structure of cutter suction dredger

 The following describes the structure of grain suction dredgers for us:
      There are many types of dredgers in various forms. The suction suction dredger is a dredger with a simple structure and low cost in the dredger. The suction suction dredger consists of a hull, a sand pump, a pump, and a power plant. With the winch and other components, when the grain suction dredger operates, power is supplied by the power plant. The water pump sucks water from the river to the bottom of the sediment layer and the sediment splashes. At the moment, the pump is placed in the splashing sediment. In the vicinity, the sand pump pumped by the motive power device on the grain suction dredger will extract the splattered sediment to a specified position. There are generally two diesel engines on the grain suction dredger for power supply, and one pump for sand pumping. Supply of pump and hoist.

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